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BSM Block 4: Applied Topics in Midwifery Practice: Development of Policy and Procedures

Started Jan 1, 2021
4 credits

$500 Enroll

Full course description

BSM Block 4

Course Description: This course is designed to apply the tools learned in the BSM research courses to clinical practice in the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines. The midwife-student is charged with researching, analyzing and distilling clinical information relevant to their practice. This course is an opportunity for students to apply their understanding of research directly to everyday practice.

Course Objectives: 
In addition to the BSM Degree Learning Objectives upon completing this course the student will:

• Understand current research affecting midwifery practice 
• Be familiar with current standards of practice in the field of midwifery and related health fields 
• Be able to translate midwifery research into practice 
• Understand the variability in practice guidelines and choose the clinical orientation most appropriate for practice and clientele

Learning Activities:

Read, listen to, watch assigned lesson materials.
Identify and cite high-quality sources.
Explain trends, relationships, and/or change.
Engage with the community by researching appropriate resources, including but not limited to state practice guidelines, state laws, and regulations regarding the practice of midwifery.
Review and interpret current research on procedures and screening commonly used in midwifery and obstetrics.
Develop a study aid in the form of a glossary of terminology used in the student's Policy and Procedures Handbook.
Advocate and/or Interact through the performance of a final presentation through the development of a Practice and Procedures Handbook for the student's practice.
Submit a portfolio.

Portfolio requirement:
In order to complete the BSM program, the student must upload select assignments that have been completed and graded by the preceptor onto a account for final review by College staff.

  • The required assignment for this course is to upload the student's final Practice and Procedures Handbook with the same file name.