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Block 3: Applied Microbiology is a Course

Block 3: Applied Microbiology

Started Feb 17, 2022
3 credits

$375 Enroll

Full course description

ASM Block 3/ BSM Block 3

Course Description: This course provides a survey of microbiology, covering bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Students are introduced to cellular structure, growth, protein synthesis, and replication, and learn the role of microorganisms in human disease, the stages of infection, and diagnosis. The role and action of antibiotics, sterilization, and antimicrobials are also covered.

This course uses current research in midwifery and obstetrics to broaden the student’s understanding of the NARM skills and MEAC essential competencies learned under clinical supervision.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are identified through the linking of MEAC Essential Competencies and the NCM Degree Qualification Profile.

Learning Activities 

Read, listen to, watch assigned lesson materials.
Submit a written summary of current research.
Complete oral and/or written formative didactic assessments with final summative submission.
Identify and cite high-quality sources.
Use articulated reasoning while participating in an oral presentation, facilitated discussions and skills demonstrations.
Participate in a skills demonstration and/or role-playing activity.
Create an infographic, handout, and/or community resource.
Complete a final exam.

Note: The clinical requirement of NARM /Clinical Skills is completed at any time throughout the ASM apprenticeship during actual clinical practice and is NOT a requirement to complete this academic course. Typical clinical manifestations of knowledge learned in this course are identified in the learning objective document above.