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Flex: Out of Hospital Birth

Started Jan 1, 2021
3 credits

$375 Enroll

Full course description

ASM Flex (take any time)

Course Description: In the United States, the re-emergence of home birth as a grassroots movement brought two concepts into focus in American culture: midwifery care and out-of-hospital birth. These ideas came at a time of highly interventional birth practices and brought to light that birth is not necessarily safer in the hospital for low-risk women. In this course, students study midwives and out-of-hospital birth in their communities via biographies, live interviews, research, and popular resources. In the context of this information, the course requires students to conduct multiple interviews with local care providers to understand the interactions and philosophies of care providers in and out of the hospital setting as they coordinate care for childbearing women. Students will engage with their communities in a way that may help to facilitate communication and coordination in future interactions.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are identified through the linking of MEAC Essential Competencies and the NCM Degree Qualification Profile.

Learning Activities 

Read, listen to, watch assigned lesson materials.
Submit a written summary of current research.
Complete oral and/or written formative didactic assessments with final summative submission.
Identify and cite high-quality sources.
Use articulated reasoning while participating in an oral presentation, facilitated discussions and skills demonstrations.
Engage with the community.
Conduct an interview and/or develop a survey
Optional: Develop a study aid.
Complete a final exam.