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seven images of children stages infant through 5 years of age

Block 3: California Students ONLY: Child Growth and Development

Started Jan 1, 2021
1 credit

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Full course description

Child Growth and Development is a required course for ASM and BSM students who reside in or wish to become licensed in California. 


ASM Block 1/ BSM Block 1


SOC104: Applied Topics in Midwifery: Child Growth and Development

Credits: 1.0

Course Description: This course provides an exploration of child growth and development and the impact caregiving has on a child under three.  It explores new parents' abilities and limitations as well as the midwife's responsibility to communicate and educate in a manner that encourages empathy, understanding, and growth. It includes an overview of child development theories, the role of cultural competency in parenting practices, and the importance of the midwife's communication style and emotional support in order for the parent to absorb new information and take on the role of parenthood.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are identified through the linking of MEAC Essential Competencies and the NCM Degree Qualification Profile. 

Learning Activities

Read, listen to, watch assigned lesson materials.

Submit a written summary of current research.

Complete oral and/or written formative didactic assessments with final summative submission.

Identify and cite high-quality sources.

Use articulated reasoning while participating in an oral presentation, facilitated discussions and skills demonstrations.

Conduct an interview and/or develop a survey

Perform a self-assessment and/or self-reflection on learning.

Complete a final exam.


Learning Materials / Resources:

All reading assignments are provided within the course weekly sections, no outside textbook is required.

Students must find 1 article/study less than 5 years old. Recommended internet links as needed for latest developments in midwifery care:

NCM Book List



Evaluation Tools / Methods:

The minimum passing grade for all courses is a cumulative 70% / C-. Grades are not recorded until both the student and preceptor submit end of trimester evaluations and in the case of general education courses supervision is completed

All assignments for this course are evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Responses to each didactic assessment are evaluated utilizing the NCM rubrics and degree level profile.
  2. Answers should reflect a thorough review of the current literature regarding best current practices in midwifery care.
  3. Non-plagiarized paraphrased answers from the text which demonstrate appropriate comprehension of the learning objective. (Formative Assessment) Students and preceptors are encouraged to work together until the student masters the information. (Summative Assessment)
  4. Random evaluation of cited sources and page numbers for each written assignment.

Course credit: One Academic credit equals approximately 15 hours of formal time plus 30 hours of additional study or homework. Formal time is defined as the amount of time taken to answer the Learning Objectives to the level of 80% for midwifery courses and 70% for general education courses and to complete any learning activities to the preceptor's satisfaction, including any time spent face to face with the preceptor. Informal time includes any time spent actively reading relevant sources and textbook/s, researching Learning Objectives, and studying for examinations.