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Standing African American woman pointing at a written flow chart of information. BSM: Introduction to Writing and Presenting on Midwifery Topics is a Course

BSM: Introduction to Writing and Presenting on Midwifery Topics

Started Dec 26, 2018
4.0 credits

$300 Enroll

Full course description

BSM Block 4

General Education Course: In order to ensure that all preceptor/student dyads which require general education supervision have supervision provided by NCM from the beginning of the trimester to the end, dyads will be registered by Han Luu. When you click on the registration link for the General Education Course, it will bring you back to this page to remind you (the student) that you must email Han( your name and NCM email address, the General Education (GE) course you are registering for, and your preceptor's name and NCM email who will be teaching the specific course. Thank you for supporting the needs of our accreditor. An example is given below:

Student Name: Jasmine Kai,
Preceptor Name: Cassaundra Jah,

GE Course: BSM: Introduction to Writing and Presenting on Midwifery Topics

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce the BSM student to methods of professional writing and presentation of midwifery topics. The course uses online resources to guide students in the development of writing skills and techniques appropriate to the field of midwifery research. Students develop writing and presentation experience by practicing the rules of professional writing and using current standards in a professional research presentation.

Course Objectives:

In addition to the BSM Degree Learning Objectives upon completing this course the student will be able to:

  • Obtain proficiency in the college-level writing process
  • Understand the elements of style used in scientific writing
  • Craft clear thesis statements
  • Generate an outline on a writing topic
  • Efficiently locate resources from scholarly journals and sources
  • Understand the principles behind citing sources
  • Utilize a variety of methods for citing sources and the appropriate application for each
  • Compose a quality journal abstract
  • Write a journal article
  • Present on a professional topic of their choice

Learning Activities:

Read, listen to, watch assigned lesson materials.
Complete oral and/or written formative didactic assessments with final summative submission.
Identify and cite high-quality sources.
Analyze clinical case studies.
Analyze and complete critical research reviews.
Create outlines, abstracts, and articles for writing topics.
Development and performance of a final presentation.
Submit a portfolio.