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Full program description

There are 73 non-prerequisite academic credits (74 for California students) required for the ASM program. Courses are taken in block order and this block rate package represents the fourth academic block of four not including the flex courses which can be taken at any time in the block system. 

Things to consider before purchasing: 

- This block rate package does not include any of your pre-requisite/transfer courses
- If you are a California student, you will need to purchase the additional required credit(s) separately from this package
- Once you purchase the block rate package, you can begin registering for each of the included classes separately.  Please consider scheduling a 1:1 academic advising session.  
- The refund schedule for academic courses, including the block rate package, is based on one trimester (17 weeks) and can be found in the NCM handbook.   This refund schedule would begin on the day you purchase this block rate package of courses. 

Date of student withdrawal from date of student enrollment

Portion of tuition

and fees obligated and paid that are eligible to be refunded by the institution

0-3 business days

100% return

Day 4-11

90% return

Day 12-29

50% return

Day 30-59


After day 59