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Non-Degree Student Working Toward Program Enrollment


Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full program description

Start your midwifery education with just academics by becoming a non-degree seeking student (just to get started). When a student is considered “non-degree seeking”, they pay just $75 per credit and are only required to have one academic preceptor. Clinical credit cannot be earned until you enroll in a degree program. 

All midwifery credits (courses with course numbers beginning with MW), as well as general education courses Cultural Issues (HON248G), Genetic Screening (SOC102), and Laws and Regulations (HON390G), must be taken within 5 years of graduation.  All other general education courses have no time limitations.

Additionally, there are two huge benefits of this route:

  1. all fees paid as a non-degree seeking student can be applied to the current fee for a full program within NCM. For example if you take A&P with NCM for $300 and then decide to enroll in the ASM program, $300 will be discounted from your total administrative fee!

  2. Time spent as a non-degree student does not count against the two-year extension fee - meaning you are less likely to have to pay an extension fee. 

Below is NCM's recommended order to complete course work if you are a non-degree seeking student who believes you will eventually seek to be enrolled as a program student (ASM or BSM non-alumni). Complete courses until you have reached the down payment milestone of $2250 and then enroll in the 24-month payment plan.

  1. College Composition (must be taken externally and transferred into NCM)
  2. College-Level Math (must be taken externally and transferred into NCM)
  3. Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits $300)
  4. Cultural Issues (not required for BSM) (3 credits $225)
  5. Communication and Counseling (1 credit $75)
  6. Fetal Development (1 credit $75)
  7. Genetic Screening (1 credit $75)
  8. Perinatal Education including Lactation (not required for BSM)  (3 credits $225)
  9. Midwifery Ethics (2 credits $150)
  10. Applied Microbiology  (3 credits $225)
  11. Community Health  (3 credits $225)

These courses could be taken in any order:

  1. Chemistry (must be taken externally and transferred into NCM) *
  2. Child Growth and Development (must be taken externally and transferred into NCM) *
  3. Business and Professional Communication  (3 credits $225) (recommended after college composition is completed)
  4. Evolution of Human Sexuality (3 credits $225)
  5. Statistics (3 credits $225) (recommended after college-level math is completed)
  6. Midwifery Literature and Art (3 credits $225) (recommended after college composition is completed)
  7. History of Midwifery (3 credits $225)

If you complete each of the above courses through NCM and then enroll in a program no down payment will be required and your monthly payments will reflect the remainder of the full program fee balance.

The full program fee is still applicable even if transfer credits from other institutions are applied to the student's transcript. 

*California only students.